where are you from and how long have you been illustrating?
I’ve been illustrating since fall of 2007. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. As exotic and exciting as that may sound, I have no recollection of my time there. Canada remains my true home at heart… I’ve been living here in Ontario since I was 3-4 ish.

So you were born in Thailand - ever plan to go back for a visit?
south east asia is crazy inspiring!

I haven’t been back… But I’ve visited its neighbouring countries Cambodia and Vietnam earlier this year; And how beautiful and inspiring their culture is! My only regret is not bringing more of it back with me. I posted a few sketches and photos from my trip at my blog:

your graduate year was amazing, so many talented illustrators! Do you still keep in touch with alot of those illustrators?
We were definitely an amazing bunch! The majority of us have scattered about to new things but I have definitely kept in touch with a handful of them and it’s a wonderful thing. If I ever need a brainstorm buddy or someone to help me nitpick at bad contracts I know I have my back covered.

how has your work evolved post school?
I always draw my inspirations into my artwork and where I am now in terms or style and colour is the accumulation of all my past previous styles. When I first started off, I was extremely worried about the inconsistency in my images but now I just do what I feel is right. The trick is too not force a style into your images but to make a lot of images that will eventually define the style.

amazing client list! what are some dream clients you've yet to work with?
I’ve been blessed to work with many great clients. Honestly speaking though, I don’t have any preferences. My ultimate goal is to inspire people with art and illustrating editorially is just one the ways that I go about doing that.

How important is it for you to still participate in exhibition shows?
Participating in exhibitions is definitely important. I see it as an opportunity for the Illustrator to express a more personal side of their images that’s not timed and governed by deadlines. The commercial aspect of illustration is very fast paced and the end product is usually the combination of the artist’s capabilities and client’s vision together. Personally I still prefer editorial and commercial work over participating in exhibitions. Illustrating for other people allows me to work with themes that I may never want to pursue on my own. It challenges me to think outside the box and that in itself is very exciting.

Any plans to move to New York? - seems like the place to be for young illustrators!
I’ve always been tempted to, but Canada’s got a strong hold on me! Thanks to the internet, even though I’m here in Canada, I have still have lots of work opportunities from the US.
I always really enjoy the way you solve your visual problems, whats your brainstorm process?
I do a lot visual research. Once I have a folder of images, photos, and inspirations, I sit myself down and sketch away. I rarely come up with a solution right off the bat. A good idea only comes after many bad ones.

any advice for new illustrators?
To believe in yourself and your work and then pursue it aggressively and passionately. You need a lot of self discipline and love for what you do.

any advice for older / established ones?
To continue to inspire.

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Thanks Christina!