where are you from and how long have you been illustrating?
I'm from Hazleton, Pennsylvania originally (Northeast PA, near Scranton / Wilkes-barre area). I've been illustrating for about 3 and a half years.

i read on your blog that you like talking to strangers, how far does one take that - just a quick conversation or full on, all night debates?

It only turns to a full night every now and then, but I've definitely had a few two hour coffee sessions with complete strangers and I've met most of my current friends through cold-emailing them (other designers and illustrators) when I first moved to NYC.

I think actions like that are character building - ever learn anything really insightful about yourself from a stranger?
I've certainly learned how to be an awesome first date and how to show up alone to events and not be afraid to talk to new people (which is SO important in New York / in general)
You might be best known for your type work, at least...thats how I know your work best. Im of the mindset that creative work is an extension of ones personality - how is your type an extension of yours?
I think you can tell I'm a pretty sunny, optimistic person from my type and illustration work. I wish I could be cool and mysterious but its just not in the stars. Whenever I'm hired to do more serious topics (and do them in a more serious or masculine way) it's always really challenging.

I read also that you consider yourself a designer / illustrator as apposed to an illustrator / designer ... whats the real distinction between the two in your mind?
In reality I'm probably more of an illustrator than a designer, since what I love most is creating things from scratch, be it type or illustration. The reason I make the distinction "designer / illustrator" is because your design skills are taken more seriously if you are a designer first. For example, if an art director at Penguin hired you (an illustrator) to do a book cover, it might be difficult for you to convince them to let you design the whole jacket, but if they know you as a designer that also illustrates, they'll be much more trusting that it will turn out ok and will give you more control in the project.
What are the best things to do on an average night in NY - not a special night, but a regular night off ?
A good non-special night off to me: Bike to Williamsburg (I live in Bushwick, an adjacent neighborhood), have a good meal with a friend / boyfriend (either a sitdown casualish place or vietnamese hoagies eaten in the park), earl gray ice cream from the van leewen truck, coffee and conversation (or coffee and a book if I'm alone), bike home, watch a movie on netflix watch instantly and play with my cats, be in bed by midnight / 1am. Occasionally there's a bourbon or two thrown in for good measure.

You get alot of people asking you questions about you and your work - why do you think people are so comfortable approaching you for advice or insight?
I am definitely the person walking down the street that EVERYONE asks for directions. I don't know how this translates online but somehow it does. I think it goes back to how you can tell I'm not mean and brooding from my work.
what are your favourite things in the world?
drawing type / illustration (of course), eating really rich pork-fat heavy meals, french press coffee (black), shopping for furniture (whether I need it or not), my cats, summer night-time bikerides, a pair of frye boots i wear every day which are truly beat to hell.

any advice for new creatives, trying to get their foot in the door?
Even if you are not getting a lot of work, WORK. Anyone with a tiny bit of talent can be awesome if they really commit to working at it. Seriously, the only reason I'm any good at what I do is because for the past 3 years I've been doing it 15 hours a day 6-7 days a week.

any advice for older / established ones?
Hire all of the new creatives!
all images copyright Jessica Hische - go here: http://jhische.com/index.html and take a long look through her typography section - its amazing!!!
Thanks Jessica!!!!


  1. The coffee table image is an absolute gem!

  2. I like her style ...... all of the illustrations featured .... but really liked the balancing/levelling act of the US shown as a book keeping the bistro table level .... Jessica seems like a great person to know.