where are you from and how long have you been illustrating?
Calgary, Alberta. Illustrating 5 years.

i love your work - I feel like the first time I saw it was the graphic novel you put out "gilded lilies" - but since that you've also put out "skim" - are there more to follow ?

how is this different from, say, editorial work you might do?
To describe the difference between illustration and comicswork would be a monumental a task. I keep emphasizing that I do not consider illustration and comics to be the same thing... they are only somewhat related, and many of those similarities are of surface. Comics may draw on your basic skills as an illustrator (composition, figure drawing, etc.) but all those things are simply the foundation for storytelling, rhythm, pacing, and the actual writing.
you do alot of work for the CBC - how did that relationship come about?
They contacted me in 2004 or 2005 to do illustrations and that's it. I was just starting out but had a few published pictures which I guess they saw somewhere. I'm thankful they've kept me around. They are a very good client.

how was your experience at ACAD?
I would rank it as excellent, although I have heard it's changed quite a bit since I was there (not saying that's good or bad, just that the curriculum has been updated). I feel learning design has helped me as an illustrator and comics creator.
how has your work changed since leaving school / where do you see it going in the future?
Of course it's changed. I think I'm still following the same general path, in that the same things interested me, but hopefully I'm improved both conceptually and technically. I have no idea where I will go with it, just that I would like to continue doing more self-authored work.

do you still ever work traditionally?
what does living in New York offer you as an illustrator, community wise / work wise / inspiration wise?
The opportunity to schmooze and meet contacts. I would like to think I could find inspiration in any surrounding.
whats the best / worst part of being married to Sam Weber (who has lovely work)
He doesn't cook. But he is diligent about doing the dishes.

Any plans to eventually move back to the prairies, or are you a New Yorker for good?
Not a New Yorker for good, I reckon. I don't know where I will end up. There must be a place for me.

Advice to new illustrators?
Make something people want to buy. It's deceptively simple advice.

Advice for older / established ones?
I have no place advising older/established illustrators. Anyone who can stick it out and make a lifelong career out of illustration has my infinite respect.
all images copyright Jillian Tamaki. Thanks for your time Jillian.
to see more of her work - go here: http://www.jilliantamaki.com

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