where are you from (for those who may not know) and how long have you been illustrating?
from the "boogie down bronx" but, reared on the gulf coast of florida. currently working in Brooklyn, NY. This year will actually be my 9th year at it...time flies.

how long did it take for illustration to become your full time job? did your career have a "big break - if so what was it?
I'd say about 4 years. I dont think there was a big break, but getting into annuals definitely helped.

can you remember doing any really bad jobs when you were getting started just to get your foot in the door?
yup, I remember doing stuff for like 50 bucks, crazy when I think about it.
Did you study illustration at University, if so, did it prepare you properly?
I went to the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL. it pointed the way, the pieces were there to prepare someone, but I feel you get out of it what you put in to it. I spent alot of time in the library studying other forms of art. Hard work always helps.

your work is always conceptually amazing, how do you go about solving problems / coming up with ideas?
thanks! I think coffee, lots of sketches and just trying all angles for a solution. i also think everyone comes with their own life experience, which i think heavily dictates the types of ideas & imagery a person produces.

stylistically, how did you wind up where you are now?
it's been an evolution full of trial & error that's becoming more graphic over time.

what are some major influences in your work?
off the top....all old posters, (nazi, cuban, russian, wpa) movie posters, theater posters, band posters, Degas, Robert Weaver, Brian Cronin... to name a few.

working traditionally vs. working digitally - is that all as 100% traditional as it looks?
100% old school, although digital is slowly working its way into the work.
do you listen to music when you work?if so, what bands - give some shout outs.
have to: TV on the Radio, Animal Collective, Public Enemy, P.O.S.

I've noticed that aside from some online portfolio sites, you dont have an actual website online. has this posed any problems for you?
yeah, i let my old site die, i have to resurrect it. Actually, no problems so far, although I wouldn't recommend killing off your site.

I think you MAY be a teacher as well?? can you tell me about that?
not really. although i am teaching a Personal Viewpoints class at the University of the Arts in Philly right now. So far so good.

how important is getting out of the house and doing non illustration related activity ?
critical, personally I couldnt think illustration 24/7. i have a multi-media practice which keeps me very occupied, and lets me pursue other outlets of art making which i love. I also like to roam the city on foot or bike, hang out in museums and travel.

can you think of a favorite job you've done, or AD you've worked with off the top of your head?
i did the cover of the Progressive some years ago, Nick Jehlen let me do everything from the image to the masthead, to the font selection, ultimate freedom....who does that?

where do you wanna see your work 10 years from now? basically, where do you see it going?
haven't really thought that far, maybe less editorial, more books & posters, who knows?

what are you loving about illustration right now?
i love that you can work anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. I'm also digging the smart illustration/design hybrid work happening.

anything in general you'd like to see get more hype?

Vietnamese coffee...learn about it!
advice for new / young illustrators
keep an open mind to all art forms, not just the 2-d stuff, enter the annuals, push ups, don't give up.

advice for established / old illustrators
i dont think im in a position to give the old cats' advice, but I think "keep it real" will do.

all images copyright Dan Bejar.
Thanks Dan!! Beautiful stuff!!!


  1. Insanely inspiring art. I hope you get your site up Dan, I'd love to see new work!!

  2. wow, great stuff.

    i find it funny how every illustrator you ask to give advice to the old cats, they wont touch the question with a 10 foot pole.

    this blog rules pete.

    great taste in artists.